Police confirm viral shooting video is that of man killed by police on Friday

Police have confirmed that a video clip circulating online showing a man shooting a handgun, is that of Jelani Martin who was shot dead by police on Friday.

Martin, who was said to be a member of the 'Unruly ISIS' gang of Enterprise, was killed on the Caroni Savannah Road around 3.30 Friday afternoon.

Police say he shot at them first but the head of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah is challenging the police's account of the matter.


Abdullah claims it was an extra-judicial killing and claims to have video evidence to back up his claim.

The video circulating online shows a man standing in some bushes with a handgun and extended cartridge.

He points the firearm into the air and fires three shots before the gun appears to stick.

He then makes an adjustment and fires another round, and repeats the same action before eventually walking off.

Martin was on bail for firearm-related charges when he was shot dead.