Port Authority seeks World Bank's 'expertise' in finding cargo vessel; terminates tender process

The Port Authority says it has approached the World Bank for expertise on a suitable cargo vessel to transfer goods between Trinidad and Tobago. 

As such, the board has terminated the tender process for a new vessel.

The following is a statement by the board.

"In keeping with its mandate to provide efficient and reliable inter-island transport services, the Board and Management of the Authority wish to assure the public that the “best” available options will always be pursued to ensure that there is no disruption in this service.

At this time there is an interim solution to ensure that the cargo requirements are met on the service, until a suitable vessel is obtained.

The Authority is guided by Cabinet’s decision to charter a ro-ro cargo vessel to service the sea bridge between the islands. As such, a tender was issued on Saturday April 01 inviting duly qualified brokers to tender for a vessel on a three (3) year time charter.

Tenders were closed on 2017 April 24.

The Authority wishes to advise the public that “in the best interest” of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, a decision was made to terminate this tender process, and approach the World Bank.

The Authority is of the view that the World Bank can provide the requisite expertise to determine the specifications for a suitable cargo vessel for the needs of the inter-island service.

Additionally, the assistance of the World Bank will be sought to determine an acceptable methodology in compliance with the tenets of good procurement practices.

The Authority is satisfied that this approach will realise the “best option” in the long term and that a resolution will be arrived at within the next three (3) months.

The Board and Management of the Authority thank you for your understanding and continued support as we continue to improve the inter-island operations."