Raj's lawyers tell Kenneth Supersad to cease and desist with "The Raj Story"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 16:45

Chutney singer Kenneth Supersad has been served with legal letters seeking to stop him from performing his 2018 song,”De Raj Story”.

The letter was served by attorney Wendy Ramnath-Panday, representing “Raj”, who shot into popularity after a video went viral online on a confrontation between him and his wife who alleged that he was cheating.

The letter states that the contents of the video were now part of divorce proceedings and instructed Supersad to "forthwith cease the repetition of any incident or words or narration of such events which occurred in 2nd November, 2017, and which has been represented in the video recording of even date, which forms evidence in the High Court matter at caption, whether by song, any form of oral or musical representation or any stage performance whatsoever or any form of social media/internet, electronic or video recording.”

Supersad's attornies are now looking at the letter.

Supersad was carded to perform the song in Saturdays Chutney Soca Monarch semi-finals.