Registration begins for THA elections

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 - 13:30

Candidates from at least four political parties will today register for the January 23rd THA elections.

Among the parties contesting the race are the PNM, the Tobago Forwards, and the Progressive Democratic Party.

CNC3 News understands that the process has so far been incident free. The THA elections are due every four years.

The People's National Movement won the last elections in 2013 by crushing the Tobago Organisation of the People 12 to nil.

The elections will also see the retirement of Orville London, who led the party to its first victory in the THA in 2001 when the PNM defeated the ruling national alliance for reconstruction.

Mr. London has been the chief secretary for the last 15 years as the PNM won every THA election since then.