Rock Hard Cement refutes 'dumping' claims

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 19:15

Rock Hard Cement is refuting a recent media claim that alleged the company was dumping cement.

The company issued a statement to on its position regarding the media report.

"A claim was made in the media regarding the dumping of cement by Rock Hard Cement Limited. Dumping suggests that the product in question is inferior or of a substandard quality. This claim is completely incorrect.

Rock Hard Cement is a premium quality cement which has been certified by the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards.

This means that all criteria to ensure quality have been met.

Furthermore, Rock Hard wishes to state that it has consistently adhered to all import regulations governing our country’s taxes and duties.

The issue in question of duties and tax exemptions is in fact a classification issue which is currently before the court.

Rock Hard Limited continues to stand committed to bringing to the people of Trinidad & Tobago cement that is not only of a higher standard but one that is more affordable."