She's 100 years old and counting

Trinidad and Tobago's newest centenarian, Jane Deniese Johnson was born 1918 and raised in Blanchisseuse before moving to Point Fortin and later Arouca.

She had six children (one passed at 3-years-old) and raised them and so many others (grand-children, nieces, nephews, and young people from the neighborhood) at her Arouca home with her recently deceased husband Judge Hamilton Johnson.

Though described as a housewife, she had been entrepreneurial over the years, supporting a small family shop in Mt. Dor in the 60s and rearing and selling pigs and ducks in the 80s and 90s. 

At a thanksgiving on Sunday she shared a message of unity, compassion and a need for old time living where everyone was able to get along despite differences. 

She was also showered with praises by her family and friends from near and far...some coming from as far as Alaska and England. 

Photo courtesy the Johnson family. 

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