SRP shot as woman colleague fires at suspect

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 00:00

Trinidad Guardian: A Special Reserve Police (SRP) constable was expected to undergo surgery yesterday, after being shot in the foot when a female police officer opened fire on a suspect last Thursday.

PC Mendoza, attached to the San Fernando Police Station, was discharged over the weekend but returned to hospital yesterday, police sources said. 

Meanwhile, the suspect he and other fellow officers were attempting to arrest remained warded under police guard at the San Fernando General Hospital in a stable condition.

According to a report, the officers were responding to a report of a malicious assault at the home of 62-year-old man along Pond Street, La Romaine. 

The officers noticed the man’s 28-year-old son smashing the glass of his father’s Hyundai vehicle with a shovel. He had already damaged several glasses and furniture in the house.

As the officers approached and ordered him to put down the shovel, he turned toward his father and attempted to hit him. The officers attempted to grab him, but he pushed them down. 

One officer said they pleaded with the suspect to put down the shovel, but instead he turned toward a female SRP and started to swing it at her. She drew her firearm and fired a warning shot but he continued to approach, eventually cornering her against a tank. 

The officer fired again, hitting the suspect in both legs. However, a bullet ricocheted off the shovel and struck Mendoza in his legs. He and the suspect were taken to the hospital in police vehicles and both underwent emergency treatment. 

Investigators said once the suspect is discharged he will face several charges, including common assault, possession of a weapon, use of obscene language, assaulting a police officer and malicious damage.

Source: (Kevon Felmine)