Ste Madeline students pelt bottles at TTUTA representatives, teachers

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 18:30

A protest at the Ste Madeline Secondary School turned ugly today after students turned on protesting representatives from TTUTA and teachers.

The students are reported to have thrown bottles and insults at the protesting TTUTA representatives and 14 teachers from the school.

The lunchtime protest came as a result of what teachers are describing as dissatisfaction over the stewardship of the principal at the school, Joy Arjoonsingh.

Teachers say there is a lack of discipline and this is not being addressed.

Today students turned on teachers, accusing teachers of not doing their jobs.

Police were called to the scene but had to call for backup because of the raucous behaviour of the students.

Teachers plan to stay away from classes tomorrow as they prepare to take their concerns to the Ministry of Education.