Suruj Rambachan: Government incompetent in failing to provide funds to pay pilots

Former works minister Dr Suruj Rambachan is lashing out at the government for failing to make funds available to pay pilots.

In a statement issued, Dr Rambachan says the refusal of pilots attached to the strategic services agency to report for duty citing the non-payment of salaries is a cause for concern.

The Tabaquite mp says the government must be held accountable.

According to him "again the government is showing its incompetence and more significantly its tardiness has compromised national security at a time the government itself claims that there are serious threats to the nation’s security due to possible terrorist activities."

CNC3 news understands the pilots, who are being seconded from the national helicopter services, fly the helicopters in border patrols, surveillance, natural disasters and search and rescue efforts. Sources say the division has been crippled as a result of the ongoing action by the pilots.


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