Suspects in Pollonais kidnapping still in custody

Four suspects held for the kidnapping of Natalie Pollonais will spend the weekend in police custody as investigations into the kidnapping continue.

Even though it is more than 48 hours since they were arrested, the four men are being kept at undisclosed locations and are being interrogated separately.

Two police constables, a contractor and a labourer were held soon after Pollonais' rescue.

The 36 year-old contractor of Princes Town and the two police officers assigned to the La Romaine police post have legal representation. 

The labourer who is from La Brea is unrepresented.

A senior police officer said all of the suspects have the right to make an ap­pli­ca­tion for habeas cor­pus to de­cide if their extended de­ten­tion is valid or law­ful.

However, he said the four accused have been appraised as to why they were detained and the police have sufficient grounds to jus­ti­fy to a judge why they were being de­tained since Monday.

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