Talks on anti-gang legislation stalled between government and opposition

There is still no agreement between the opposition and government on the time frame of the sunset clause of the anti-gang legislation.

The opposition and government met today to discuss the opposition's concerns about the bill.

The opposition maintains that the sunset clause is critical in preventing the abuse of power by law enforcement officials.

The opposition raised several issues including its call for Joint Select Committee of Parliament to facilitate wide consultation on the draft legislation, however, the government declined the proposal.

They also called for stakeholder conversations, but the government indicated that it saw no need to discuss legislation with any stakeholders. 

In a press conference following the meeting, Attorney General Faris-Al-Rawi described the meeting as a dead end in terms of what was offered on the table however the opposition says the meeting was cordial and remain cautiously optimistic that these discussions and similar collaborations going forward will lead to consensus between government and opposition on the passage of critical legislation.


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