Tobago to become fixture in annual Caribbean Air Rally

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 16:30

Tobago is set to become a fixture in the Governor General’s Cup (GGC) Caribbean Air Rally.

This was confirmed by the event organisers, Aviation Connection, during a welcome reception for participants hosted by the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation at the Pembroke Heritage Park on Friday.

The GGC has travelled extensively from the Canadian Arctic to the Caribbean islands, leading people of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds to far-reaching destinations across the globe. 

Now, Tobago has joined the group of destinations chosen to host this event, which takes place across the region from March 12-24, 2018.

The island served as the turning point for this year’s rally, and the launch point for the second challenge: Around the Caribbean Sea Air Rally.

The Rally’s presence in Tobago for the period March 16-18 brought with it 15 light aircraft and approximately 80 pilots and crew from Trinidad, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Speaking at the welcome reception, Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation, Councillor, Nadine Stewart-Phillips, commented on the significance of Tobago hosting an even of this nature.

“The arrival of this rally, and the pilots and crew that come with it, serves as a positive injection into Tobago’s tourism business unit and we look forward to the benefits that will be felt by our stakeholders,” she said.

Catherine Tobenas, Aviation Connection Event Coordinator, reinforced the sentiments expressed by the Secretary, indicating that aviation travellers are high-end spenders who are eager to experience each destination they visit.