TSTT: Rotten pole was not ours

TSTT is distancing itself from a rotting pole that fell on and damaged a car in Arima on Wednesday.

TSTT says it conducted a full review of the incident immediately upon receiving the report and notes that all of TSTT's poles of a similar age to the pole which fell, are clearly marked with TSTT labeling.

It says, however, that the pole which fell was unmarked in this regard.

TSTT adds that the pole in question had street lighting accessories and ceramic fittings attached to it, which are inconsistent with any poles which TSTT owns.

It says that based on its enquiries, TSTT has concluded definitively that the pole in question does not belong to the company, and would therefore like to make it clear that the incident was not caused by a rotting TSTT pole as has been erroneously reported.

"Public Safety is a priority for TSTT. As a responsible corporate citizen TSTT maintains a robust plan for continuously auditing its distribution network that includes over 40,000 poles to identify any anomalies including leaning or rotted poles. This is a responsibility which the company takes very seriously in the interest of safeguarding the public and ensuring service reliability," TSTT said in its statement.