Valencia Secondary School back to normal after furniture concerns

Friday, September 9, 2016 - 10:15

The Valencia Secondary School has resumed regular classes, days after a circular was sent out to parents and guardians, scheduling students for different days of the week.

The issue surrounds the provision of furniture to the school.

A school administrator told CNC3 this morning that the problem has been rectified and that all students should attend classes daily.

The circular, which was dated September 6th indicated:

"Due to insufficient school furniture brought about by the non-delivery of school furniture and an excess of 80 SEA students assigned, the following has become necessary. Students of different year groups are to attend school only on the following days:-

Form 5's Everyday
Form 4's Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Form 3's Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Form 2's Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 
Form 1's Monday, Wednesday and Friday

The school says the matter was quickly rectified and that parents and guardians should no longer adhere to it.