Woman who escaped possible rapist warns of blue "taxi" in Central

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 00:00

A woman who escaped from a car that was taking her somewhere against her will in Chase Village on Wednesday, is sending a warning to other women to be careful about entering a dark blue Honda Civic along the Chaguanas to Couva route.

The woman, whose identity we have opted not to reveal, shared her experience with us, saying she did not know if the intention of the driver was to rape her, kidnap her or worse.

The woman said: "Yesterday morning on my way to work from Chase Village, Chaguanas to Couva, a man tried to either rape me, kidnap me or God knows what else.

"I thought the man was a taxi who usually worked that particular route. On my way to my destination, in Mac Bean, Couva, the driver sprayed an unknown substance in my face.

"I immediately reacted by frantically hitting the driver. Then I pushed my upper body through the window and screamed for help.

"In that moment I decided to jump through the window while the vehicle was still moving. He then drove over my foot then sped off.

"I walked away with just a bruise to my elbow and no damage to my foot as I was wearing safety boots. I did not get the full licence plate number for the vehicle but I know it was a dark blue Honda Civic with the beginning plate letters PBB. The driver was of east Indian descent, light brown in complexion, of medium build and short hair.

Please be on the look out for this man. I send this in the hopes that this man can be identified and so that other unsuspecting females will be on the look out for this man in the Chaguanas/Couva area and so that females on a whole will be more vigilant."

The woman says she has reported the matter to the Couva police.

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