Embedded thumbnail for Sport Insight: National athletes recall influence of former president on their lives

In listening to the various speeches today at the former president's funeral, it was easy to see just how influential and how impacting this man was to our nation.


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The numbers are startling.

A study has shown that over 90 percent of children play video games, and the figure keeps increasing.

One man, who has three children, has decided to use the concept of video games to get children active...

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Squash players continued to have a busy start to the season with another tournament this past weekend designed to keep them busy.

The senior graded open scores tournament gave the more mature players an outing.

Ryan Bachoo explains...

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There was no shortage of goals in yesterday's T&T Pro League matches.

 A whopping 15 across three matches and the soldiers were not shooting blanks to be specific.

 Caston Cupid takes us through the highlights

In our penultimate backtrack of our ten years series we introduce you to the final and perhaps most important member of the sports team.

Embedded thumbnail for Sport Insight: Sean De Silva

He is living his dream.

As a little boy Sean De Silva wanted to become a professional footballer. He has done that after completing his studies abroad.

In this Sport Insight Astil Renn speaks with De Silva about his journey getting...

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Chris Dennis was dethroned as the Open Men's Champion of surfing this past weekend as the sport held its national championships.

As the surfing year came to a close, Ryan Bachoo shows us how far the sport has come in the past 12 months,...

Embedded thumbnail for Stickmen's Story: Kristien Emmanuel

When the local stickmen touch down in Berlin, they’ll be hoping Kristien Emmanuel leads from the front and gets them some goal. He’s the focus in stickmen’s story tonight.

Embedded thumbnail for Sport Insight - Football legend Steve David

In our Sport Insight segment, Caston Cupid and cameraman...

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Nineteen years ago when he stepped into the sport he had no idea it would build him a career that will push him to the limits in a way no one could imagine.

In our Sports Insight, Caston Cupid tells the story of Marcus Duncan rise in track...