Embedded thumbnail for T&T's road to the  2019 Special Olympics begins

The road to the 2019 world games for T&T's special athletes began this past weekend.

In order to get to the world games you have to get a lot of money, and the Special Olympics of T&T rolled out its first initiative on Sunday...

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With Venezuela having one of the largest incidents of malaria cases in the region, the government says it is ramping up screening at ports of entry.

Leader of government business in the Senate Franklin Khan was asked about measures in...

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It was a tight race to the top in the latest precision masters shooting event in Chaguaramas.

At the end of the day, Dave Ramlal managed to pull away from the pack, but the battle for a top-five finish was intense.

Here's Ryan...

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The Barry Stewart Basketball League ended on a sour note as Detour Shak Attack walked off the court in the final quarter of game two trailing on points.

Astil Renn has the full story.