Commissioner to crack down on sale of alcohol to minors

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says the Police Service (TTPS) is adopting a stringent approach to persons and/or establishments who abuse the law with the sale of alcohol to minors.

A statement by the Police Service says that this drive is not limited to the upcoming Carnival and band launch period, but includes all restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs which operate on a regular basis.

Police recover $70,000 in alcohol after fraudulent transaction

An attempt to have a Christmas filled with alcohol was foiled after police were able to recover over $70,000 of stolen liquor.

On Thursday a wholesale liquor outlet was issued a fraudulent cheque by someone posing to be a customer for the delivery of the alcohol.

Reports suggest that only after the transaction was completed that the supplier realized they had been duped.

A report was made and investigation led police officers to an area in Enterprise, Chaguanas where the items were recovered.