Anthony Garcia

Garcia: Student Support Services still active

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is seeking to assure the population that the Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry remains highly operational and its Special Education staff, Clinical Psychologists, Behavioral Specialists, Guidance Counsellors and School Social Workers continue to deliver critical services to students and parents on a daily basis.

Education Minister denies discriminating against Hindus as principal of Fatima College

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia is denying reports that while he was principal of Fatima College, he carried out acts of discrimination against Hindu students.

The Minister issued a statement, in which he said the claims being made against him include allegations that he even cut religious bands off the hands of students.

Garcia receives principal’s report

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says he has received a report from the principal of the Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College which gave details of the incident where OJT Nafisah Nakhid was turned away from the school because she was wearing a hijab.

He said the report quotes the principal as saying that the conversation with Nakhid ended “very amicably” and the person left.

Gov't to take hijab issue to court for interpretation

The Government will go to the court to seek an interpretation of the law with regards to the decision by the Lakshmi Girls' Hindu School to ask a Muslim on-the-job trainee teacher to remove her hijab when she turned up for employment there.

Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert and Minister of Education Anthony Garcia both confirmed that Attorney General Faris Al Rawi will take the matter to court.

Minister Garcia said his ministry has already received a report from the principal of the school.

Padarath slams Education Minister for failing to build Princes Town primary school

Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath is criticising Education Minister Anthony Garcia for not building the Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1 Primary School.

Padarath insisted in a media statement issued Wednesday, that Garcia is practicing politics of spite and discrimination against the children and people of Princes Town.

He said he held several meetings with the PTA and officials of the Ministry of Education on the reconstruction of the school and thereafter the Ministry demolished the dilapidated structure last year.

Garcia: Expect better exam results

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is anticipating a marked improvement of students writing the major academic examinations this year as a result of the ministry’s Penmanship with a Purpose and Clinical Supervision initiatives.

Garcia, in a press release yesterday, said the initiatives being carried out at primary and secondary schools are benefiting students positively and supporting teachers and students at all levels.