Bandit killed by police

A robbery was thwarted after a bandit was shot and killed. 

CNC3 news understands that around 6 pm on Thursday, the bandit entered a bar and casino located at Gordon and Broadway street Arima. 

The incident captured by CCTV footage shows the assailant forcing a man and woman into another part of the building. 

Shortly after, the off-duty police officer whipped out a firearm and shot the man. 

He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Many commenting on the video on social media site Facebook applauded the police officer for his swift action.

Caught on Camera: CCTV video shows security guard shot from behind while pursuing bandit

Security guard Matthew Pierre was running ahead of the bandit who shot him in his leg at RRM Plaza in San Fernando this morning.

CCTV footage recovered from the scene of a show one man darting toward the exit of the building, with Pierre running behind him.


Pierre was in pursuit of the first man when another bandit behind him is seen pointing his gun toward Pierre.

It was at that point that Pierre was shot.

Bandit killed in shootout with police

One bandit involved in an early morning robbery has been shot and killed by police and a search is now underway for two others.

Around 5:30 am, bandits forced themselves into the home of a family located at Wallerfield.

The armed intruders tied up the occupants, ransacked the house and made off with the family's two vehicles.

An alarm was raised and police were notified of the robbery.

Around 6.20am, officers intercepted the stolen vehicles along the Carapo Road.

It resulted in a high-speed chase during which the bandits crashed the stolen vehicles.

Bandit shot while attempting to break in to New Grant supermarket

A 32-year-old man has been shot during what police say was an attempted break-in at a New Grant business place this morning.

Police say the man has had previously been charged with several offences and was recently released from prison.

According to reports, the man attempted to break into Persad D Food King supermarket around 8 am Monday when security officers fired on him.

He was hit in his stomach, arm and eye and was rushed to the Princes Town District Health Facility before being transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital in serious condition.

Man shot because he had nothing for bandit to rob him

A Morvant man was shot in the abdomen this morning after a bandit who broke into his home was upset his victim had no cash and valuables.

According to police reports around 3 am this morning the 33-year-old labourer was at his one-room home on Coconut Drive, Morvant when the gunman banged down his door shouting "Police!"

Bandit shot dead in Central

One bandit was shot and killed this morning in Chaguanas by police officers.

According to police reports, around 2.45 am a gang of bandits entered Seecharan Used Cars located just north of the Munroe Road Flyover on the South-Bound Lane of the Uriah Butler Highway.

The men entered the premises and beat a security guard. However an alarm was raised, and police raided the area.

The bandits attempted to escape, and a high-speed chase ensued. However, their vehicle ran off the road into a ditch.

An exchange of gunfire occurred, and one of the bandits was hit. 

T&T-flag bandana helps US authorities track down bandit

A bandit who has been evading US authorities for several weeks now, has been caught and it was the bandana that did him in.

But this was no ordinary bandana, it was one like the Trinidad and Tobago flag. [SEE VIDEO BELOW]

Feds say they have nabbed the man responsible for a series of recent bodega stickups in Brooklyn and Queens, thanks, in part, to one distinguishing item of clothing.