Chief Justice

Justice Gobin slams CJ's sabbatical

Outspoken High Court Judge Carol Gobin says Chief Justice Ivor Archie has brought the judiciary into such “disrepute” and to a place in its history that has left it and judges so “battered, ashamed and demoralised,” he should resign.

She also says as far as she can recall, there was no adoption of the draft internal policy to facilitate sabbatical leave and a such, if Archie is not entitled to sabbatical leave under the law, if he goes as planned it may “constitute an abandonment of his office.” (See page A5)

Law Association files documents to appeal ruling on investigation into Chief Justice

The Law Association has today indicated its intention to challenge the decision of High Court judge Nadia Kangaloo who on Tuesday ruled the association was acting illegally in investigating allegations of misconduct against Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

Today, attorneys representing the association filed documents at the Court of Appeal seeking to strike down that judgment.

Chief Justice wins in court; Law Association's investigation "illegal"

Chief Justice Ivor Archie is successful blocking the Law Association's investigation into his alleged misconduct.

High Court judge Justice Nadia Kangaloo ruled that the proceedings be quashed, saying the law body was acting "illegally" & outside of the Constitution.

The judge ruled that the Law Association was attempting in its potential, to send the matter to the prime minister to change his mind, after he has made his position clear.

He’s not above the law

Attorneys for the Law Association of T&T (LATT) have told Chief Justice Ivor Archie’s attorneys he is not above the law and as with all public officials, is subject to public scrutiny. As such, contrary to the CJ’s position, the association, through its attorneys, says it is acting within its remit to “protect the interest of the legal profession in Trinidad and Tobago” by probing allegation against the CJ.

Bias against me

In an historic move, Chief Justice Ivor Archie has initiated legal action against the Law Association, saying it has no authority to investigate him, and has sought to block any further action by the association pending the outcome of High Court action.

But the association says the letter will not stop them from moving ahead and seeking advice on whether the allegations made against the CJ are enough to warrant the start of impeachment proceedings.

Law Association seeks to establish if evidence is enough to impeach CJ

Information reaching CNC3 News is that the Law Association has written to former officials of the Housing Development Corporation seeking information.

This comes as they continue investigations into whether or not there is sufficient evidence to trigger the impeachment of the Chief Justice.

One of the allegations surrounding Chief Justice Archie is whether or not he played a role in the expediting of government housing applications for certain individuals.