Polish drug-mule swallows more than a pound of cocaine before boarding T&T-Miami flight

A Miami court has arraigned a Polish man who doctors saved from death after he swallowed more than a pound of cocaine before boarding a flight at the Piarco International Airport for Miami.

Waldemar Wojtczak, 45, appeared in a Miami court this morning for the incident that occurred on September 4th.

Authorities say he collapsed in the Miami airport and was rushed to hospital where doctors removed half a kilo (more than a pound) of cocaine from his belly.

Brooklyn man busted at JFK with cocaine in fudge after arriving from Trinidad

A 64-year-old Brooklyn man was busted at the New York's JFK Airport on Tuesday for allegedly trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine inside fudge candy when he arrived from Trinidad and Tobago.

According to reports, Noel Llewellyn stepped off a JetBlue flight from Trinidad on Tuesday and presented his zebra-striped suitcase for inspection to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Inside the suitcase were four boxes of Tortuga chocolate rum fudge.

Three held in India with cocaine exported from T&T

Anti-narcotics officers in India have arrested three persons, including a Nigerian, and seized drugs worth $3 million (T&T currency) as they unearthed an alleged drug racket being run with supply coming from foreign shores. 

Officials said the action was carried out by the Delhi zonal unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) after they intercepted an incoming foreign parcel that contained 500 gms of cocaine.

NCB officials, they said, found that the Nigerian was the alleged kingpin of the racket with aid from two locals. 

Coast Guard bust yields over $878,000 in cocaine & marijuana

The Coast Guard has made another crackdown on drug runners, this time yielding over $878,000 in marijuana and cocaine.

The Coast Guard issued this statement this morning:

"On Tuesday 9th March 2016 whilst on maritime patrol the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard intercepted a pirogue that attempted to evade them. The unmarked pirogue with two (2) occupants on board were escorted to Staubles Bay where detailed searches were conducted on the vessel.

Coast Guard busts yield $777,000 in cocaine, marijuana

The Coast Guard has intercepted over $777,7000 in marijuana and cocaine coming into the country.

Four men were arrested in two busts on Tuesday.

The following is a statement from the Coast Guard:

"On Tuesday 1st March 2016, The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, whilst on routine maritime patrols, on two occasions denied illegal drugs from hitting the streets of Trinidad and Tobago.

$15 million in cocaine seized in Coast Guard bust

More than $15 million in cocaine has been seized by the Coast Guard after intercepting a boat in the Gulf of Paria.

Two men are now in police custody. The Coast Guard issued this statement in relation to the drug bust:

"On Saturday 30th January, Coast Guard’s Coastal Patrol Vessel (CPV) CG 23 – TTS Pt Lisas whilst on patrol, intercepted a pirogue with two (2) persons on board in the Gulf of Paria.

$4.5 million in drugs seized

Five men are now in police custody in relation to 4.5 million in drugs found in the Central area today.

According to reports police also recovered several firearms and ammunition.
The exercise took place in Freeport and Felicity by officers assigned to Central division's major crimes unit, Task Force and Operational Unit.
In the first incident, three men were held in a vehicle in Freeport.

Canada police seize cocaine in orange juice cartons originating in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is once again the focus of a drug bust involving cocaine in juice containers.

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced today that they have arrested two Greater Toronto Area residents for illegally importing approximately 44 litres of liquid cocaine.

The statement says that the investigation commenced on November 16, 2015, when Canada Border Services Agency officers at the Port of Halifax inspected a sea container containing different food products that originated from Trinidad and Tobago.

Coast Guard bust yields $5 million in cocaine and marijuana

The Coast Guard has made a seizure of close to $5 million in cocaine and marijuana together with two firearms being transported by drug-runners in the Gulf of Paria.

A statement from the Coast Guard says that whilst on routine patrol in the Gulf of Paria, Coast Guard Interceptor 033 stopped an unmarked fishing vessel after a brief chase.

Two large blue plastic containers were seized and upon further searching in Staubles Bay a quantity of marijuana and cocaine as well as two pistols were recovered.