Parliament to debate nomination of Stephen Williams for top cop

The parliament will have to sit again next Friday to discuss the nomination of Stephen Williams as commissioner of police.

The parliament has proceeded on July August vacation and means it will have to sit in emergency session to discuss the notification from the police service commission.

Last week, the parliament rejected the nomination of Harold Phillip who was the second-ranked nominee.

Once the parliament rejects a nomination, the constitution provides that the next ranked candidate is submitted for consideration.

Ag Police Commissioner to host 354 East Port-of-Spain students to 'Black Panther' show

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams will facilitate a viewing of ‘Black Panther’, at IMAX, Woodbrook, for 354 pupils of schools in East Port of Spain on Wednesday.

A statement by the Police Service says the viewing will take place at 11 am.

The viewing is being made possible through the support of Gregory Aboud, President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association and Ingrid Jahra of CinemaOne.

The 354 school children will come from nine primary and secondary schools in the area.

Officers commended for quick recapture of escapee

Commissioner of Prisons, Gerard Wilson has commended the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for their speedy response in the recapture of prisoner, Chester Williams.

Williams escaped legal custody from the Port-of-Spain Prison at around 10.05 am Friday, during a recreational exercise.

He is serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence after being convicted of ‘robbery’.

Prison officials notified police who immediately dispatched teams in the area.