Commissioner of Police

Commissioner vows stronger effort against gang warfare

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has stated his intention to step in and stop gang warfare, to prevent young male gang members from killing each other, a statement by the Police Service says. 

Young men, he said, are being callously used by gang leaders and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is committed to intervening and bringing an end to the senseless violence.

Gary Griffith receives instrument of appointment from PSC

Well, its official Gary Griffith is now this country’s Police Commissioner.
The Police Service Commission today announced Mr Griffith’s appointment to the position of Commissioner of Police of the TT Police Service.
In the release issued this morning, the PSC stated, “As Commissioner Mr Griffith will be responsible for directing all strategic activates of the TT police service to promote a higher level of safety and security for the nation”.

Dulalchan's lawyers to Rowley: 'Appoint him as Commissioner of Police'

Lawyers representing Deodat Dulalchan have written to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley calling for him to be appointed as Commissioner of Police.

"We trust that the Government which you lead will act appropriately consonant with the needs of the Police Service and society at large and therefore support our client's nomination for the position of Commissioner of Police," the letter, written by attorney-at-law Kiel Tikasingh states.

The letter states that the failure to appoint a Commissioner of Police is a "lethal blow to the morale of the Police Service".

Griffith: Commissioner's letters a knee-jerk reaction to crime

Former Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith is describing the letters sent by the commissioner of police to two senior police officers, as a knee-jerk reaction to the crime situation.

Griffith issued a statement today, following the disclosure of the letters on Tuesday.

"The recent decision by the acting Commissioner of Police to recommend that two Senior Officers be fired, is nothing short of a cosmetic knee jerk response to the nationwide demands for the TTPS to improve their performance.