Woman shot dead in Petit Valley

Police are investigating the murder of a woman in Petit Valley early this morning.

Melanie Jones was shot in her head on 2nd Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road, Petit Valley.

She was an employee of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation.

Police are currently still on the scene.

We will have further updates when we get them.

Woman, daughter arrested in India over cocaine sent by courier from T&T

Police in Mumbai, India have arrested a 46-year-old woman and her 25-year-old daughter, for smuggling cocaine worth ₹1.50 crore (TT$1.5 million).

The arrests were made by the Mumbai Unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

The drugs were sent by courier from Trinidad and Tobago, said an NCB officer.

The woman was arrested while she was receiving the parcel – which contained 360 grams of cocaine – at Nagpur.

“The drug was concealed inside eyeshadow palette boxes,” said a senior NCB officer.

Honore killed by ‘powerful’ bullets

The bullets that killed Sgt Darryl Honore were not the standard ammunition used by licensed firearm holders in T&T. Rather, they were the deadly hollow point bullets which are proven to be more deadly to their target.

The hollow point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed shape in its tip that causes the bullet to expand upon entering the target as it penetrates. It is said to cause more tissue damage.

Griffith: Police must be trained in proper gun usage

Last week Wednesday’s shootout between two police officers has been criticised as “not poor quality officers” but “poor quality management.”

This was the view of former national security minister Gary Griffith.

Griffith, in an interview, blamed the hierarchy of the Police Service for not being able to “grasp the importance of providing officers with the proper training and tools needed to excel.

Three in police custody for attempting to break into Toco ATM machine

Three men are in police custody after attempting to rob a First Citizens fast service machine in Toco.

According to police, a fire alarm inside the automated teller machine went off around 2.55 am on Wednesday. 

Fire officers in Sangre Grande contacted Toco police and alerted them to what was believed to be a possible fire.

But when police officers arrived at the ATM located along the Paria Main Road, they instead found 3 men with a blow torch and pig foot attempting to cut open a safe. 

Arima man on gun, ammunition charges

An Arima man is currently in police custody for possession of a firearm and ammunition, after being arrested by officers of the Northern Division, during an anti-crime exercise in the Arima district, yesterday.

The exercise, supervised by Cpl. Paul Ramdhanie, of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), took place between 11 pm on Tuesday 8th May, 2018 and 3 am on Wednesday 10th May, 2018, and included officers of the Northern Division’s Rapid Response Unit, Arima CID and Arima Crime Patrol.

Three Longdenville men to appear in court charged with gun and ammo possession

Kyle David, 23, and Kernel David, 21, both of Lamont Street Extension, Longdenville; and Kellon Lucien, 20, of London Street, Longdenville, are expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate tomorrow charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition

According to police reports, during an anti-crime exercise conducted by the Central Division Operations Unit in Enterprise on May, 8th, officers acting on information received proceeded to Isaiah Lane, Lamont Street Extension, Longdenville, where they observed three men behaving in a suspicious manner next to a building.

Accident leads police to $1.2 million drug discovery

Two men are now in police custody, after officers of the San Fernando Police Station, found a large quantity of marijuana and cocaine along with three firearms, at the scene of a vehicular accident which the suspects were involved in.

The two suspects, a 38-year-old of Valsayn and a 30-year-old of San Juan, were arrested by officers around 4:30 am on Tuesday 8th May, 2018, along the M2 Ring Road, La Romaine.