Education Ministry refutes claim of "criminals being bred in classrooms"

The Ministry of Education is seeking to clarify claims made in a newspaper that criminals are being bred in the classroom.

According to a statement issued, the claims made by a behaviour change consultant that there is a school counsellor who comes into the school every two weeks to conduct a 40-minute session with a child and then sends the child back to the classroom is incorrect.

Criminals cause SEPOS teachers to skip classes

The majority of teachers called in sick yesterday forcing the school to dismiss students around lunchtime, but only in the company of their parents or guardians.

The T&T Guardian was told that the teachers were frustrated with the attacks against the students by hoodlums from the nearby Nelson Street Plannings.

According to police, they met with the few teachers that attended school yesterday and heard some of their concerns, most of which involved students being harassed going to and from school.

'Teacher' of murdered teens condemns claims that they were criminals

A woman claiming to be the teacher of the two Success Laventille students who were shot dead execution style on Thursday, is defending the teenagers against comments that they might have been involved in lives of crime.

This follows outrage on social media over some posts that support the killing of the two boys claiming that they were criminals. Others used racist remarks to celebrate their deaths as well.