Finance Ministry: Thursday and Friday are normal working days

The Ministry of Finance is telling workers attached to the Inland Revenue Division and the Customs and Excise Division, that Thursday and Friday are normal working days.

This comes in light of a call by the president of the Public Services Association, Watson Duke, for workers of the two divisions to take a holiday on those days.

The Ministry has outlined the conditions for workers to not show up for work.

The following is a statement by the Ministry:

Salaries for CEPEP workers being processed

The Minister of Local Government says information coming from his Permanent Secretary explains that the funds were received by the Ministry last Friday.

The Ministry says the funds will be processed today and that the cheque will be given to CEPEP on Tuesday.

The Ministry says this will allow payment to take place on or before this Friday.

Finance Ministry: Money for salaries already sent to Ministries

The Ministry of Finance says funds are available for salaries to be paid across the public service.

This comes as several public servants including teachers have not yet been paid.

However the Ministry issued the following statement saying the money has been made available.

"The Ministry of Finance wishes to confirm that during the last week, it made available to all ministries the necessary funds to pay salaries for the month of October 2017.

JMMB limits international point-of-sale purchases to US$500/month

JMMB Bank Trinidad and Tobago Limited has notified its clients about a reduction in the foreign currency access via its International Visa Debit Card.

The bank says the reduction will impact clients across the bank as online purchases from international vendors, and international Point of Sale (POS) purchases will be limited to $500 USD monthly.

Overseas withdrawals at ATMs have been suspended.

The bank says that clients wishing to access foreign currency are asked to call the JMMB directly.