VIDEO: Alleged gang member 'krysis' arrested

Avinash Seepersad, alias Krysis has been arrested following an altercation with police on Wednesday.

CNC3 news understands that Chaguanas police were conducting a routine patrol in Mano Junction around at 2:30 pm when officers say they noticed a man identified as Seepersad, an alleged member of the unruly isis gang acting suspiciously.

Officers stopped the Enterprise resident and searched him. Police are claiming that the man then proceeded to hurl insults. A team of officers moved to arrest Seepersad, who also goes by the Islamic name Abdul Wakeel.

$2 million a year to maintain peace in Enterprise

The cost to maintain a 24-hour presence in crime hotspot of Enterprise, Chaguanas can cost of the T&T Police Service (TTPS) in excess of $2 million a year.

Operation Enterprise was launched by the Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon on March 28 due to the upsurge in murders and violent crime in the area.

The initiative is a joint collaboration with the TTPS and the T&T Regiment to stamp out violence among warring gangs.

'Krysis' apologises for videos; says he's ready to cooperate with police if...

Avinash "Krysis" Seepersad of Enterprise, has apologised for the videos he made that were perceived to be promoting conflict in the Enterprise area.

At a news conference this after, Krysis he and his followers do not want to be known anymore by the term 'Unruly Isis'.

He said they should now be referred to as Masjid Al Salaam.

He said he has agreed to supply information on corrupt police officer but only if he is granted protection against victimisation and persecution.