Gary Griffith

Japanese ambassador holds discussions with CoP

The Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith received a courtesy call yesterday from the Ambassador of Japan to Trinidad and Tobago.

According to the TTPS, his Excellency Tatsuo Hirayama met with Commissioner Griffith at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain.

Their discussions centred on identifying ways to collaborate on issues of safety and security, and the continued transformation of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Griffith fine with giving citizens guns

Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith has as­sured mem­bers of the Ch­agua­nas East elec­toral dis­trict that he is work­ing as­sid­u­ous­ly to clear the back­log of Firearm User Li­cens­es (FULs). And he is al­so mak­ing it clear that he is not averse to grant­i­ng cit­i­zens gun li­cens­es once they qual­i­fy for them.

Grif­fith made the promise dur­ing a meet­ing at the of­fice of Ch­agua­nas East MP Fazal Karim, where sev­er­al mem­bers of the pub­lic and busi­ness com­mu­ni­ty raised con­cerns over the po­lice’s tar­di­ness in grant­i­ng them gun li­cens­es.

Griffith's vex with the media...again

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has criticised members of the media and "social media experts" who he says have been unfair to him.

Griffith took issue with the reporting by media and others, on his handling of the TV Jaagriti issue and his appearance at the Buju Banton concert.

At the end of the 25-minute address, Griffith closed the news briefing without fielding questions and when some journalists sought to get responses on some matter, he replied, "Ask Omatie Lyder" (Editor-in-Chief at the Express Newspaper).