Grenfell Tower

British inquiry told of Grenfell Tower heroism by Trini-born grandfather

A “hero” grandfather who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, sheltered six people in his top-floor flat in Grenfell Tower in London, on the night it was destroyed by fire, an inquiry has heard.

Raymond “Moses” Bernard gave refuge to families trying to escape the inferno as it consumed the block, offering them his bed while he sat on the floor.

His family gave a tearful tribute to the 63-year-old, who died with his dog Marley, during the final day of commemoration hearings at the public inquiry into the disaster.

International: Queen, Prince William visit Grenfell Tower survivors

The Queen looked teary-eyed while visiting the Grenfell Tower fire victims, rescuers and volunteers in west London to hear first hand accounts of the tragedy.

Accompanied by the Duke of Cambridge she arrived shortly before 11am at a rest centre helping those directly affected by the blaze - and looked visibly moved by what she saw.

In tense, emotional scenes, William promised one distraught resident whose friends' children are missing: "I'll be back."

The man had been shouting: "What about the children? Queen? Queen? What about the children?".