Guyana's President, wife get clean bills of health after medical examinations in T&T

Guyana's President David Granger and First Lady, Sandra Granger were given a clean bill of health after undergoing medical examinations in Trinidad and Tobago today, under a Caribbean medical insurance scheme they have been part of for more than a decade.

The medical examinations were conducted at the Good Health Medical Centre at Fitzblackman Drive, Port of Spain.

President Granger and his wife arrived in Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday night.

They will return to Guyana on Thursday.

Medical Association urges medical professionals to guard against burnout

The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (T&TMA) is urging medical professionals to guard against burnout and exhaustion.

The T&TMA issued a statement Friday saying that this occurs in health care professionals when there is a depletion of physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

"Marijuana cured my cancer"

Marijuana has long been used to treat cancer cells and when Ms Patsy (not her real name) was diagnosed with inoperable cervical cancer she decided to take some advice and treat the cancer with marijuana.

After buying a few ounces of the herb, Patsy soaked the marijuana buds in alcohol and boiled it for 20 minutes in a rice cooker. Daily doses, she believes caused her cancer to go into remission.

Deyalsingh not endorsing call for use of medicinal marijuana

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh yesterday made it clear he was in no position to endorse the use of medicinal marijuana to treat patients suffering from diseases and illnesses.

Deyalsingh made the comment in response to suggestions on Tuesday by Independent Senator Dhanayshar Mahabir that Government should allow patients to use of medicinal marijuana as a means of earning revenue in the drive to help to diversify the economy.

Deyalsingh hopes to make CDAP more accessible

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says he has taken a position to Cabinet to “put CDAP drugs in the hands of patients” to give the required relief. And while he said this will happen “soon,” he gave no details of how this initiative will work.

But former South West Regional Health Authority chairman, Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe, says he “looks forward to the suggestion” and hopes it is “properly monitored.” He described CDAP as “very close to all of us, it is a good programme and it continues to be improved.”

First public photos emerge of Minister Cuffie since going for medical attention

The first images of former Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie have emerged since he suffered a stroke in September 2017.

The pictures which were shared on Facebook by a political activist show Cuffie walking with the aid of a stick. 

On April 9th, Cuffie's appointment as Minister of Public Administration and Communications was revoked.

He was reassigned as Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications.

In February, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said over $2 million was paid by government toward medical expenses for Cuffie.