Herbert Volney

VIDEO: Watch Herbert Volney's latest call for marijuana to be legalised

Former Minister of Justice, Herbert Volney is continuing his drive for the legalisation of marijuana.

His latest call came in Dominica where he was speaking on the platform of the Dominica Labour Party headed by incumbent prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit.


Volney made the plea near the end of his 15-minute address.

"And there's one thing I promised the youths to say tonight," he said.

Volney wants marijuana decriminalised: "Youth man who pops a joint harms no one"

Former high court judge and Minister of Justice, Herbert Volney, is calling for the decriminalisation of marijuana, saying that the average young person who smokes weed, does the country no harm.

Volney made the call in a Facebook post on Monday morning.

The following is the post written by Volney: