Hit and Run

Parents killed in hit and run

Police are searching for the driver of a Nissan motor vehicle that slammed into a couple, killing them instantly.

CNC3 news understands that around 10 pm on Sunday 38-year-old Kimchan Roopnarine, his wife, 36-year-old Patricia Ali and their two sons ages 5 and 9 were walking along the Penal Rock road when a motor vehicle slammed into the couple.

They were thrown several feet into the air.

The vehicle narrowly missed the two children who were walking a short distance ahead of their parents.

Man killed in hit and run accident

Police are searching for a driver who knocked down a 46-year-old man and left him for dead at the side of the road on Monday night

According to police reports, around 9 pm Jagdeo of Demerara Heights was walking along the westbound lane of the Churchill -Roosevelt Highway when he was knocked down. Police said after hitting Jagdeo, the driver failed to stop leaving a bleeding Jagdeo at the side of the road.

Jagdeo was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he died while being treated.

Hit and run victim dies

Hit and run accident victim Javon Cox who was knocked down Monday morning has died.

Police say 30-year-old Cox was in a three-tonne-truck heading south on the Grand Bazaar overpass, when he realized the container being transported was becoming loose.

The truck pulled over on the shoulder and Cox came out to secure the load.

It was at this point, eye-witnesses say a white wagon over-took a truck by veering onto the shoulder, hitting Cox and speeding away. 

Police investigate hit and run accident this morning

Police are investigating a hit and run accident along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of the overpass.

According to reports, around 10:45 this morning, Javon Cox was in the passenger seat of a 3-tonne-truck proceeding east, when he realized the load being transported was becoming loose.

Cox informed the driver who then pulled onto the shoulder. Cox exited the truck to secure the load and it was at this point eye-witnesses say a white wagon ran into Cox and sped away.

Cox is being treated at hospital.