Immigration Detention Centre

Inmates cry human rights violations at IDC

Com­plaints of a lack of med­ical care, a vi­o­la­tion of hu­man rights and be­ing ig­nored by Im­mi­gra­tion of­fi­cials are com­mon at the Im­mi­gra­tion De­ten­tion Cen­tre (IDC) in Aripo.

The cen­tre, which was opened in 2009 as a place to house de­por­tees for “30 days” while arrange­ments are made for their de­por­ta­tion, has turned in­to a home for many mi­grants over the last few years.

Men and women from cri­sis-rid­dled Venezuela cur­rent­ly make up the bulk of the cen­tre’s de­tainees but there are al­so peo­ple from as far as Nige­ria and In­dia.

Immigration escapee recaptured

One of the five detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), Wallerfield on Thursday 20th December, 2018, has been recaptured.

Ryan Badal, 23, a Guyanese national, was detained by officers of the Gasparillo Police Station while they were conducting a mobile patrol along the Bonne Aventure Main Road, Gasparillo around 3:50 am on Sunday.

Officers had cause to stop and arrest the escapee after observing him standing on the side of the roadway acting suspiciously.

He was taken to the Gasparillo Police Station and the IDC contacted.

Immigration Centre detainees escaped during function

The five detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre in Arima may have snuck out during an event there yesterday afternoon.
CNC3 News spoke to a Senior Official at the IDC who said officers did not discover that the five men were missing until hours later.
During a routine head count around eleven last evening, officers realised five of the 107 detainees could not be found.
Three of the escapees have been identified as Venezuelan nationals Rodney Noel Mendoza, Luis Sifontes, and Jose Yanez.

Police use force to end standoff at Immigration Detention Centre

Riot police were called to the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Aripo yesterday after a “normal” demonstration by frustrated Nigerian detainees turned into a hostage-like situation.

Immigration and police officers on duty around 3.30 pm had to send out an “SOS” call to their colleagues after the group of detainees crowded the south and north corridors of the centre in protest over what they called their “unlawful detention” and inhumane conditions.

SRP attacked and injured by detainee at Immigration Detention Centre

A Special Reserve Police officer is in serious condition at hospital after he was attacked by a detainee at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

According to reports, a riot broke out at the Aripo facility just after 7 pm on Friday and officers at the centre called for the assistance of the Northern Division Task Force.

However, PC Trimm, who is attached to IDC, upon entering the detention area was accosted by a Nigerian detainee.

The detainee pushed over a machine used to make coffee where boiling hot water is consistently stored, and it fell onto PC Trimm.