Immigration Detention Centre

SRP attacked and injured by detainee at Immigration Detention Centre

A Special Reserve Police officer is in serious condition at hospital after he was attacked by a detainee at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

According to reports, a riot broke out at the Aripo facility just after 7 pm on Friday and officers at the centre called for the assistance of the Northern Division Task Force.

However, PC Trimm, who is attached to IDC, upon entering the detention area was accosted by a Nigerian detainee.

The detainee pushed over a machine used to make coffee where boiling hot water is consistently stored, and it fell onto PC Trimm.

Ministry of National Security launches investigation into Immigration Detention Centre incident

The Ministry of National Security has launched an investigation into an incident at the Immigration Detention Centre, in which two men attempted to cut a fence to enter the facility and exchanged gunfire with a guard.

The Ministry issued the following statement today.

Gunfire as two men attempt to break into Immigration Detention Centre

Police are investigating a shooting incident at the Immigration Detention Centre in Aripo, as two men attempted to cut a fence to enter the facility Wednesday night.

They suspect the men were planning a jailbreak.

Police say the men possessed a hacksaw and a wire cutter.

The incident occurred around  9.20 pm while an officer was patrolling a poorly-lit area of the centre where he heard a noise.

The guard reported that the two men were trying to cut the fence wire and on seeing the guard, they fired several shots.

Security Minister visits Immigration Detention Center

A high-level team led by the Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon visited the Immigration Detention Centre today.

According to Minister Dillon, the visit is the first in a series of visits to IDC by the minister and his team.

The purpose of the visit was to get a first - hand look at the facility, as well as hold one- on-one interaction with detainees to ascertain the circumstances surrounding their detention at the Centre.

Some of the issues discussed were overcrowding and the need for further upgrades to the IDC.

Jamaica's Foreign Ministry to seek answers on alleged inhumane treatment of Jamaicans at Immigration Detention Centre

Jamiaca's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it will write to officials in Trinidad and Tobago for answers in relation to the treatment of Jamaicans in custody.

This follows a news report which suggested that Jamaicans who have been detained in the twin island republic are being ill treated.

The report was published in The Sunday Gleaner on Sunday

Jamaican detained at Immigration Centre alleges 'inhumane treatment'

A Jamaican, who has spent the past six months in detention in Trinidad after being arrested for overstaying his time, has charged that he and his countrymen and women are being held in inhumane conditions in the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

According to the Jamaican, the inmates are desperate to return home as they have been abandoned by the Jamaica authorities and claim they are being treated like hogs by the Trinidadians.

The claims are being made in an article published by the Jamaican Gleaner today.