US sanctions 2 Trinis for funding ISIS

The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has designated and sanctioned two T&T nationals  - an Emraan Ali and one Eddie Aleong - as financiers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror network.

In a release, the US Department of the Treasury revealed, "As of January 2017, a Trinidadian ISIS supporter possibly planned to work with Eddie Aleong, to transfer funds to Emraan Ali, who would then provide the funds to Trinidadian ISIS fighters in Syria."

US official: Let nationals who travelled to ISIS territories come home

Director of Office of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) at US Department of State Bureau of Counterterrorism, Irfan Saeed, is lobbying Government to allow citizens who travelled to ISIS conflict zones in the Middle East, in particular women and children, to return home if they desire. Once here, however, he said Government should give them support so they can go on to re-establish their lives where possible.

Mondello promises to use federal agencies to target ISIS recruiting in T&T

Donald Trump's pick as ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Joseph Mondello, has told a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that if confirmed, he would seek help from federal agencies to reduce the rate of ISIS recruiting in T&T and would urge T&T to drop its OAS support for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

Mondello, 80, also said he would address sex and drug trafficking and support human rights and women’s empowerment, during questioning on Wednesday.

Imam fears Trini executed in Iraq is his relative

An uneasy feeling has gripped Imam Nazam Mohammed, as reports surfaced on Tuesday that a Trinidadian woman was sentenced to death in Iraq for her affiliation with the Islamic State (ISIS).

Mohammed, who heads the Masjid Umar Ibn Khattab Jamaat in Rio Claro, said if the news is true, it could be either his daughter or one of three granddaughters he believes are being detained by the Iraqi government for their connection with the terror group.

Reports claim Iraq to execute T&T woman found guilty of ISIS involvement

After initial reports that indicated that a Trinidad and Tobago woman was to be sentenced to life in prison for her role in ISIS, other news agencies are now reporting that she has in fact been sentenced to death in prison.

CNC3 News exclusively reported on the matter on Tuesday.

The UK Daily Mail is among several new agencies that are reporting that the sentence is in fact death.

Arabic media: T&T woman sentenced to life in prison in Iraq for ISIS involvement

An Arabic news agency is reporting that a woman from Trinidad and Tobago has been sentenced to life in prison in Iraq for being a member of ISIS.

A report carried by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (The New Arab) on Tuesday, says the woman was one of many sentenced for the crime.

The news agency reports that a French woman, two Russians and five women from Azerbaijan were also sentenced to life in prison for belonging to the Islamic State group, the latest in a series of Iraqi court rulings since the country's defeat of the militant group.

US Admiral concerned about ISIS radicalisation in T&T

The movement of people throughout the Caribbean region and the rest of the Western Hemisphere who have been radicalised into joining Isis is of great concern as it is easy for people to be radicalised.

This concern was raised by the head of the US Southern Command Admiral Kurt Tidd on Monday at The Pentagon in Washington. He was addressing reporters.

Seeking to correct a misquote of Tidd’s statement in a Stars and Stripes publication, the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain sent the video of Tidd’s remarks concerning T&T and Isis.

Trinis linked to Isis alive, well

After three years of little or no information on the whereabouts of his daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren who travelled to war-torn Syria, allegedly to join the Islamic State (Isis) terror group, Imam Nazim Mohammed, head of the Masjid Umar Ibn Khattab Jamaat in Rio Claro, south Trinidad, got some good news last week.

It came in the form of a handwritten letter from his daughter who told him she is doing well in her new home in Iraq where she had settled with her husband and three teenaged children after moving there from Syria.