Law Association

Law Association urges restraint on one shot one kill policy

The Law Association is urging caution and restraint on all sides over the one shot one kill policy.

In a statement, the council of the Law Association says the top is "correct in asserting the right of police officers to use deadly force in self-defence when fired upon.

The association adds a police officer who is about to be attacked does not have to wait for the suspect to strike the first blow of shot.

But it says the use of deadly force must always be proportionate to the threat posed to the police officer.

No decision today in Chief Justice vs Law Association

There will be no decision in the case brought against the Law Association by the Chief Justice today.

This as the Privy Council stated a short while ago that it will reserve its decision to a later date.

In the matter the CJ’s attorney have asked the Law Lords to assess  

1>  Whether section 137 of the Constitution provides the sole basis for investigating the conduct of the Chief Justice and removing him from office;