Mass shooting

Around the World: Four killed in Canada Shooting

A suspect is in custody after at least four people two of them police officers were killed in a shooting in eastern Canada. 
The deaths were announced on Twitter. 
The pair has not been named, and the circumstances around the incident remain unclear.
Police have advised residents to stay in their homes with doors locked.
We will have more of this international story as it develops. 


The latest on Orlando gay club mass shooting

As the world continues to react to the worse mass killing the US has seen in recent history, here are some of the latest reports from around the world on the issue.


Gunman Omar Mateen was "laughing frantically" as he killed several victims hiding in a bathroom stall, according to a Sanford pastor who is friends with one of the survivors.

“He was laughing frantically,” Deyni Ventura, a friend of the mother of the survivor, told the Guardian among other media outlets, “as he was spraying people with his gun.”