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Marla not being drawn into war of words with Finance Minister

Economist Marla Dukharan is making it clear she has no intention of being dragged into a war of words with Finance Minister Colm Imbert. 

Yesterday, RBC’s former senior economist shot into the spotlight after the minister said his statement about a ‘sterile discussion’ was directed to her and not to the audience at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s post-Budget discussion. 

But even with shifting blame game and public interest in the matter, Dukheran says it’s time to move on.

Imbert: It is clear people want to pay the Property Tax

Finance Minister Colm Imbert says it is clear to the Ministry of Finance that people are willing to pay the Property Tax and he said that's why the Cabinet has agreed to extend the deadline for submission of forms to June 5th.

Speaking at today's post-Cabinet media conference, Minister Imbert said the fact that people are lining up to submit the forms, shows that they have not acceded to the calls by some to "rip up forms" and not pay the tax.

The Minister told the media that 60,000 forms were submitted last week and another 90,000 this week ahead of the May 22nd deadline.

Finance Minister clears air on "inaccurate" newspaper article

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is seeking to clear the air on a news report he says misrepresented what he told journalists at Thursday's post-Cabinet news conference.

The following is a statement sent by the Ministry of Finance on the matter.

"The Minister of Finance has taken note of an article in the Daily Express Newspaper of October 28, 2016, entitled “Punishment on Punishment” and a headline “Gas Dealers Defy Colm”. 

The article is inaccurate and based on a false premise. 

Imbert: We now await the US Treasury's response to our request for an extension

Finance Minister Colm Imbert says he expects a reply from the United States' Treasury sometime next week on the Government's request for an extension of the deadline to become FATCA compliant.

The Minister told a news conference after the breakdown of the debate today, that the Government could not allow the bill to go to a vote and fail because it would have taken another six months before it could have been brought back to Parliament.

Imbert: Attorney General's VAT figure is wrong

Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert says Attorney General Faris Al Rawi's claim that uncollected VAT amounts to $12 billion, is not correct.

"I don't know exactly where the Attorney General got that figure from but that's not the figure I have," Minister Imbert told today's post-Cabinet media conference.

The AG made the comments as he addressed the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Wednesday.

Hear what the AG said

Imbert on GATE: We will not do anything irrational, anything to hurt anyone

Finance Minister Colm Imbert has sent a message to students, to not fear what is coming when the Cabinet decides on adjustments to the GATE programme.

"We are going to be practical. We are going to be sensible. We are going to be compassionate," he said as he addressed reporters at today's post-Cabinet media conference.

He reminded the media that it was a PNM Government that introduced GATE 12 years ago.

"So we are not going to do anything whimsical. We are not going to do anything irrational. We are not going to do anything that will hurt anybody," he said.

Finance Ministry approves $245 million to address drug shortages

Finance Minister Colm Imbert says the Government is making $245 million available almost immediately to address the shortage of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items in the health sector.

"I short-circuited the process," the Minister told today's post-Cabinet news conference as he explained that the Government cut through some of the red-tape involved in Nipdec getting the funds.