National Security

Police hold 258 in three days

Police have arrested over 258 persons in connection with various offences including gang activity, shootings, outstanding warrants and gun and narcotics possession, a statement by the Police Service said. 

The statement said that over 4,500 police officers across the nine police divisions have engaged in anti-crime exercises over the past 72 hours, conducting patrols, stop and searches and operations critical to treating with matters of crime and criminal activities across the country.

New plot uncovered to kill Griffith

A new plot has been un­cov­ered to as­sas­si­nate Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice Gary Grif­fith by two in­car­cer­at­ed gang lead­ers and one of their as­so­ciates.

In­tel­li­gence sources say the con­tract to kill was con­nect­ed to the hu­man traf­fick­ing bust which oc­curred last Wednes­day.

The in­for­ma­tion is com­piled in a con­fi­den­tial re­port pre­pared by the Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Re­sponse Team on Feb­ru­ary 8.

Burkie, Dole, Spanish detained

Three residents from the Sealots and Beetham communities who go by the nicknames Burkie, Dole and Spanish have been taken in by police in raids this morning,

The raids are part of the ongoing Red Alert activity taking place by the police.

The men are assisting the police in their investgations into recent crime in the area.

We will have further information on this later.

Grif­fith to com­mu­ni­ties: Don’t be blinded by loyalty to gang leaders

Peo­ple who are blind­ed in loy­al­ty to their re­spec­tive gang lead­ers and oth­ers in the com­mu­ni­ty will be ar­rest­ed should they move to block roads and protest.

Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith made this clear to peo­ple who con­done gang ac­tiv­i­ties and seek to de­fend gang lead­ers and mem­bers in their re­spec­tive com­mu­ni­ties. He spoke at a news con­fer­ence yes­ter­day.

Griffith: "Punks are gang leaders"

"A few punks who refer to themselves as gang leaders have been acting up and instrumental in over 12 homicides recently," declared Commissioner Gary Griffith to Guardian Media Wednesday evening.

Griffith had been coordinating several intelligence-driven operations executed by the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) in the Laventille, Beetham and Diego Martin area during the day and which continued last night into this morning in other areas. 

Red Alert! Griffith raises police response to highest level

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has with immediate effect, raised the policing alert from ‘Amber’ to ‘Red’, as a result of ongoing gang activities and homicides, a statement by the Police service said Wednesday afternoon.

The statement said that Griffith notes that law-abiding citizens may experience some inconvenience due to these intensified operations.

It adds that this is necessary to deal with criminal activity and to maintain law and order across the country.