Technology: Hackers can use your phone's sensors to steal your PIN number

What if the very act of tapping your smartphone's passcode was all it took to expose that code to hackers?

Well, as more and more of our personal data is stored on smartphones, the ways of securing those phones continue to be revealed as less and less robust. Next on the chopping block is your trusty PIN.

Bandits nabbed with 400 bank cards, PIN numbers and $17,000

Police are investigated how two bank robbers managed to get their hands on 400 bank cards and Personal Identification Number (PIN) information.

This comes after police arrested one suspect as he attempted to make off with $17,000 from an automatic teller machine at Tropical Plaza. 

The 25-year-old suspect was held with a bag containing the cash and the cards.

A second suspect escaped after running towards the Guaracara River.