INTERNATIONAL: Chile's cost of living protests take deadly toll

The number of people killed in violent protests against rising living costs in Chile has risen to 11, Santiago Governor Karla Rubilar said on Monday.

At least five of those killed died after looters torched a garment factory near the capital.

The military and police used tear gas and water cannon against protesters and a curfew was imposed in major cities.

A state of emergency already in place in Santiago is to be extended to cities in the country's north and south.

Death toll in Venezuela protests rises

A woman who was injured during a pro-government march in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, has died, ombudsman Tarek Saab said on Sunday.

The 47-year-old woman was hit by a bottle of frozen water thrown from a building at government supporters, Mr Saab tweeted.

Ten people have been killed in pro- and anti-government demonstrations this month so far.

Another 11 people died on Friday by electrocution when a bakery was looted in Caracas.

Fiery protests at Todds Road & Penal Rock Road over water, road conditions

Traffic disruptions this morning along the Penal Rock Road and Todds Road in Caparo, following fiery protests by residents.

Residents lit debris on the Penal Rock Road to protest the lack of water in their area while residents in Todds Road are protesting poor water supply and bad road conditions.

The protests caused traffic on both roads, as many teachers and students returned to school after the Easter holidays.

Police intervened on both sites to clear the debris.

International: Two shot dead in Venezuela anti-Government protests

At least two people have been shot dead in Venezuela in protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

A teenager died in the capital Caracas and a woman was killed in San Cristobal, near the Colombian border.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand new presidential elections and the release of jailed opposition politicians.

President Maduro has accused the opposition of attacking the police and looting shops.

He said more than 30 arrests had been made. Supporters of the government are holding a rival rally in Caracas.

Fiery protests on Nelson & George Streets after man is shot

Police have been trying to quell protests on Nelson and George Streets, following the shooting and wounding of a man there earlier today.

The man, identified as 35-year-old Akim Thomas, was shot around 2.30 Tuesday afternoon.

Residents squared off against the police following the shooting and lit debris in the roads in protest.

The protest action caused gridlock traffic in several parts of East Port-of-Spain.

Police say Thomas was shot during a dispute with another man over a woman.