Public Advisory

Two hurt in highway accident

Two people escaped death when a vehicle they were in crashed into the back of an AD wagon and ran off the road along the Churchhill Roosevelt Highway on Monday evening. 

Robert Eric Doe of Edinburg, Chaguanas is warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. 

He suffered injuries to his head. 

Police believe Doe could have endured a medical problem which caused him to lose control of his van. 

The driver of the AD wagon Alton Micheal Felix of Mount Hope walked away from the crash without injuries. 

Galleons Passage hit causes $12,000 damage to Scarborough jetty

The Galleons Passage has damaged part of the jetty at the port on Scarborough, Tobago, after hitting it on Wednesday.

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) said that on Wednesday, upon its arrival in Tobago, the Galleons Passage came into contact with the jetty on its starboard (right) side, while docking at the port.

It said that this resulted in a slight blemish on the vessel and minor disturbance on the jetty’s railing. 

San Juan teenage girl reported missing

Police are seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating 16-year-old Rehana Theodore.

Theodore, of First Street, San Juan, was last seen at her home around 9:40 pm, on Friday 11th January, 2019.

She was reported missing to the San Juan Police Station, around 9:05 pm on Tuesday 15th January, 2019, by her mother.

She is of mixed descent, 5 feet 5 inches tall, medium built, with a light brown complexion and short black hair.

She was last seen wearing a green t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a pair of red and green slippers.

Moruga road collapses, WASA starts repair work

Emergency repairs to a major landslip along the Moruga Road, Indian Walk, Princes Town have begun.

Residents said that around 7 pm Tuesday, they heard a rumbling sound and found that a section the road, which was being repaired, had collapsed. 
They said they suspect a leaking WASA line was to blame. 

The water line had been leaking for some time and despite complaints from residents, nothing had been done. WASA crews were on the site on Wednesday, seeking to stem the slip.

HDC's Health and Safety officers to assess Maloney building

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) says its Health and Safety Officers will conduct an assessment of the building where an 11-year-old child fell in Maloney today.

The HDC issued a statement today saying it is in receipt of information related to the child at its Maloney Gardens housing community.

It says that according to the reports it received, the girl climbed on to the railing of her fourth floor, Building 15 apartment and fell four levels.

The incident occurred early Monday afternoon. 

Child in Maloney fall is alive

A child is now in a stable but critical state at the Mount Hope hospital after falling over a balcony in the housing estate in Maloney.

Reports indicate that the incident took place at Building 15 Maloney.

The child was rushed to the Arima District Hospital and then to the Mount Hope Hospital after the child fell from the fourth floor.

Initial reports suggested that the child had died.

However, family members and police confirmed that the child was still alive, having hit an awning on the way down that broke her fall.