Petrotrin chemical shed set on fire in apparent sabotage

State-owned oil company, Petrotrin says it has uncovered three attempts at sabotage which took place on Tuesday.

One included setting a chemical shed on fire.

Petrotrin issued the following statement on Wednesday.

"At approximately 11.45 p.m. yesterday (Tuesday, 2018 October 02) a report of three (3) incidents at North Palo Seco, Tank Battery No.1 (McLeod Battery) in the Central Los Bajos Field was made by production personnel who had been conducting routine checks.

Investigations revealed that the three (3) incidents were the result of sabotage:-

Education Ministry claims sabotage as clothing items found in school's sewer system

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says there is further evidence of sabotage to infrastructure at some of the nation's schools.

This, after several pieces of clothing, some of them undergarments, were fished out of the sewer system from the Diego Martin Boys' RC School.

The minister told a news conference today that while sewer problems are common at educational institutions, yesterday's discovery proves that sometimes they are sabotaged.

The minister says there is the strong belief that some people deliberately attempted to disrupt the opening of the school term.