Primary school principals reject Ministry's position on helping to secure school gates

Primary school principals are asking Education Minister Anthony Garcia, whether he intends to arm them with batons and bulletproof vests.

This question, they say, is in response to the minister's statement that principals should take responsibility, along with security guards, for manning the school gates.

The principals say the Education Minister is misinterpreting the Education Act which speaks to school security.

Police issue safety guidelines for Christmas

The Police Service has issued a list of safety guidelines that people should follow over the Christmas Season.

The guidelines are for shopping, for homes and for while in vehicles.

Among them, the police are advising that people not walk with large sums of money and to pay attention to pick pocketers.

The following are the safety tips issued by the police today:

Avoid carrying around or exposing large sums of cash.

 Keep your mobile phone with you and do not leave it unattended.

 If walking, please do so in well-lit areas.

UWI intensifies strict 'No Thoroughfare' policy

The University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine campus says it has begun an intensified enforcement of its 'No Thoroughfare' policy.

This means that from Monday to Friday, only authorised vehicles displaying valid UWI vehicle permits are allowed to enter the campus via the North and South gates.

Vehicles without valid permits will be directed to the visitor’s entrance at the Daaga Gate accessible along St. Augustine Circular Road (east of the campus, obliquely opposite the Milner Hall).

Local Government Ministry promises greater community security with new Municipal Police heads

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has introduced new heads of the Municipal Police Service.

Assistant Commissioner of Municipal Police Brian Headley, and Senior Superintendents Glen Charles and Carlisle Huggins have now taken up the mantle to lead the Municipal Police Service.

The Ministry says that as part of the push forward with the pillar of local government reform to increase the numbers of the Municipal Police Service, these officers will ensure cohesive leadership across all municipalities.

Supermarket security guard appears in court on murder charge

Security guard, 25-year-old Govindra Morgan has appeared in court for the murder of Verne Sambury, who was shot outside a New Grant grocery last Monday.

Sambury died in hospital from his wounds the following day.

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The Office of the DPP instructed the police to charged Morgan with murder.