Police confront and shoot housebreaker at Marabella home

A Marabella man is currently in police custody, after being arrested by Southern Division officers, mere minutes after breaking into a house in the Marabella district.

While on mobile patrol, officers of the Marabella Police Station, responded to a report of a housebreaking in progress at Kenneth Avenue, Marabella, around 2:15am, on Thursday 17th May, 2018.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered a masked man in the house, who pointed an object resembling a firearm at them.

Fearful for their lives, the officers opened fire and the suspect fled the scene.

Scotiabank worker shot in San Fernando robbery

A Scotiabank employee is warded at the San Fernando General Hospital after being shot during an early morning robbery.

Roston Mahabir was shot outside the bank around 7.30 this morning.

Scotiabank confirmed the shooting in a statement issued Monday morning.

It said medical services were immediately alerted and he was taken to hospital.

The bank says it is offering counselling to other members of staff.

Report indicate that Mahabir was accosted and that the assailant grabbed a bag belonging to him before firing a shot at him.

Reputed 'community leader' shot dead in Arima

A man reputed to be a community leader, has been shot and killed in Arima.

Around 9 pm on Sunday, Atiba Rodriguez of Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas was in the company of a female relative at her home on Edward Street, Arima.

It is believed that Rodriguez was about to leave the house in his Nissan Tiida motor vehicle when a lone gunman ambushed him and opened fire.

He was hit about the body and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigations are ongoing.

52-year-old man shot dead in Diego Martin

A 52-year-old man has been shot dead in Ruchplain, Diego Martin.

He has been idenified as Anthony Julien.

Residents reported hearing several gun shots in the area just after 10 pm Thursday before Julien was discovered bleeding from gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to the St James Medical Complex where he was pronouced dead on arrival.

Police say he was shot eight times.

Investigations are continuing.

Man shot after breaking into suspended police officer's home

A man was shot and killed by a suspended police officer during an early morning altercation.

The victim who has been identified as Raj Singh entered the home of a suspended police officer located at Pasea Road, Tunapuna.

An altercation ensued and the officer drew his licensed firearm and shot the man.

Mexican national shot dead in Point Fortin

Police are investigating the shooting death of a man in Point Fortin Friday morning.

Reports indicate that the victim was a national of Mexico.

He has been identified as 37-year-old Sookooroo Sarano.

According to reports, Sarano and a Venezuelan national were walking along Anthony Road, Point Fortin following an event related to Borough Day celebrations, when they realised that they were about to be robbed.

The two men ran off but shots were fired at them.

Sarano was later found dead. He had been shot seven times.

Police officers shot at during road block exercise in Patna Village

Officers of the Western Division Task Force narrowly escaped injury, after being shot at by a gunman, during a road block exercise, along North West Drive, Patna Village, Diego Martin, on Wednesday 26th April, 2017.

A statement by the police says that officers had stopped a Hyundai Elantra motor vehicle with two male occupants.

The statement says a front seat passenger exited the vehicle, drew a firearm and fired at officers, before making an escape.

30-year-old woman shot dead in car

A 30-year-old woman has been shot and killed.

Melissa Ramkissoon was in a vehicle with two men known to her when an argument ensued between Ramkissoon and one of the men in the vicinity of the Felicity Main Road, Chaguanas.

The man allegedly whipped out a gun and shot the woman who was at the time in the front passenger seat.

Ramkissoon's attacker subsequently fled the scene by jumping out of the vehicle.

The other man present in the vehicle drove to the Chaguanas Police Station with Ramkissoon's body in the vehicle.

Regiment sheds light on incident in which soldier was found shot

The Regiment says it is investigating this morning's incident in which a soldier was found shot at the Cumuto Barracks.

The Regiment has issued a statement on the matter:

"The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment is investigating the circumstances of an incident which involved a soldier who is currently undergoing treatment for a gunshot related wound.

He is at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex having been first stabilised at the Arima Health Facility.