Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams back on job with another 6-month extension

The Police Service Commission expects to appoint a permanent police commissioner in the first half of 2017.

This as acting commissioner Stephen Williams has been granted another six-month extension. 

Commissioner Williams returned to the job today after a three-month vacation leave. 

Before a permanent commissioner can be selected the Police Service Commission must first find a recruitment firm to handle the hiring process. 

Acting Commissioner expresses sadness over murder of police officer

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams is expressing sadness over the shooting death of PC Jason John this morning.

The Commissioner's Office issued this statement this afternoon:

"Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Stephen Williams, has expressed shock and sadness over the shooting death of special reserve police officer, No.9719 Jason Cyril John. 

The officer had only recently enlisted in the service on October 24th, 2015 and was attached to the Court and Process Branch.

Acting Commissioner offers to fund funeral of 80-year-old pensioner through police fund

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has offered condolences to the family of pensioner Sona Lalloo who was shot dead by a bullet discharged from the firearm of a police officer and has offered to fund funeral expenses through a police fund.

A statement from the Police Service is taking the position that Lalloo was shot by "an accidental discharge" after the officer's gun fell to the ground. The matter is still being investigated.

The following is a statement from the Police Service.

Police Service mourns officer killed in line of duty

The Police Service is mourning the passing of PC Anso benjamin, who was killed in the line of duty.

The following is a statement from the Police Service:

"Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Stephen Williams, has expressed sadness and sorrow over the passing of No. 14862 PC Anson Benjamin who was pronounced dead at 11:15am today, Thursday 7th April, 2016, at the San Fernando General Hospital.