TATT on cable rate increases: Consumers have many choices

"The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (the Authority) notes recent media publications and commentaries with regard to increasing rates for subscription television (pay TV) by local providers and the corresponding concerns expressed by consumers on the proposed rate increases.

The Authority has worked to ensure that the pay TV television market in Trinidad and Tobago is an open one where consumer choice will drive demand and determine price.

Minister: TATT was $20 million short in 2014 due to license fees not being paid

Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie is weighing in on the Telecommunication Authority's recent action, in addressing companies that have been owing on their license fees.

The Minister issued the following statement today.

"I have observed the Public Advisory dated June 10, 2016 from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago in which all persons operating a public telecommunications network or broadcasting service contrary to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act Chap. 47:31 (the Act) are required to immediately cease and desist operation.

TATT statement appears to signal more woes for WIN TV

The Telecommunications Authority (TATT) has issued a statement saying it can no longer forbear where there's a continuing breach by persons who are unable to meet the financial and technical obligations to the service.

Although TATT does not name any particular entity, it refers to a statement it made in February with regards to the financial obligations of those operating broadcast licenses.

In February, WIN Communications had been identified as having run into problems with TATT for failing to meet its financial obligations.