Judge convenes court at temple

A High Court judge yesterday convened court at a parcel of land next door to a Temple in Princes Town which is the subject of a legal battle over ownership.

Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh went to the location yesterday on the final day of the trial in which executives of Churkoo Village Mandir are claiming the right to the land which is owned by farmer Samaroo Raghoonanan.

The Mandir, led by Pundit Artma Maharaj, was granted an injunction against Raghoonanan by Justice James Aboud in the San Fernando High Court.

Armed bandits invade Freeport temple - pundit tied up, family robbed

Unaware that her family was being robbed, the two-year-old daughter of a pundit greeted one of the intruders and went to hug him. This innocent act of kindness did not stop the bandits from grabbing two gold bracelets off her tiny hand.

The robbery took place at around 2 am on the compound of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Freeport where Pundit Gajendra Kumar, a national of India, lives with his wife and children.

Devotees ready to fight for temple land

Vowing to protect their temple with their lives, devotees from the Shri Nav Durga Kali Ashram yesterday vowed to mount a legal challenge to stop the State from demolishing any part of their ashram.

This after a high-powered team from the Ministry of Planning and Development and Town and Country Planning Division officials visited the mandir at St Mary’s Village, South Oropouche, yesterday.

The officials took measurements of the structure which is the source of contention, having been built without approvals from Town and Country Planning.

Hindus enraged as Chutney artiste shoots video in popular temple

Outrage by members of the Hindu community as an upcoming chutney artiste chose to use a Hindu temple as the scene of a chutney video.

The President of the Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre Ramesh Persad-Maharaj is threatening legal action, saying the artiste, Rick Jacob, did not get permission to shoot the video on the grounds of the temple and went there when no one was present.

Jacob, meanwhile, is arguing that he got permission and that there was no music being played at the time of the shooting.

He said he was attempting to showcase the temple to the world.