T&T Spirit

Port cancels Wednesday sailings of T&T Spirit

The T&T Spirit is to be taken off service on Wednesdays as part of a new maintenance schedule.

The Port Authority says this arrangement will commence from Wednesday 23rd May, 2018.

It says that the schedule will be adjusted within any week that there is an expected increase in demand and that travellers will be advised.

The Port Authority says Wednesdays are usually short sailing days as the demand for the service on this day is usually low, and the vessel operates at 6.30 am from Tobago and 12.00 noon from Port of Spain.

Spirit makes it to Port-of-Spain following fuel-leak delay

The T&T Spirit has made it to Trinidad in spite of a fuel leak that caused a delay in Tobago.

 The Port Authority says the Spirit left Scarborough today at 7.57am with 455 passengers and 111 vehicles.

The vessel was delayed due to a fuel leak on the Starboard Outer Main Engine side which was rectified by the vessel’s and night maintenance crews.

The vessel arrived into Port-of-Spain at 10.50 am.

Trouble on the T&T Spirit again as hydraulics prevent docking for over an hour

Less than one week into service the tt spirit experiences problems which delayed the docking at Port-of-Spain.

Port officials confirmed the vessel was unable to berth as a hydraulic hose burst on the starboard side.

The T&T Spirit left Scarborough at 6.25am with 366 passengers and 129 vehicles.

Upon arrival into Port-of-Spain at 9.30 am the crew alerted port officials and the problem was repaired.

The repair works delayed the dismemberment process for one hour and a half.

Passengers say the emergency feature on the vessel was not appropriate.

T&T Spirit back in service from Monday

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) has advised that the T&T Spirit has completed all its sea trials and testings, and has received all the necessary certifications by the surveyors to return to service from Monday April 16th April, 2018.

It says in a media statement that over the past months the passenger vessels have encountered a number of challenges and the two vessels were withdrawn from operations, to undertake necessary maintenance works. 

The T&T Spirit was out of service from June 06, 2017 and the T&T Express from March 13, 2018.

T&T Spirit not ready to return tomorrow as previously planned

The Port Authority has announced that it is unlikely that the T&T Spirit will return to service tomorrow as previously planned.

The travelling public was previously advised that all major works to the T&T Spirit were completed.

However, the Port Authority says repairs to the coolers prevented the continuation of the vessels’ sea trials, which are necessary to obtain the certificates to operate on the inter-island service.

The repairs to the coolers were completed on Saturday 17th March, 2018 and the testing continued.

Minister: Decision to be made this afternoon on return of T&T Spirit

The Transport Minister says by this afternoon a determination will be made on the readiness of the T&T Spirit.

The Port Authority has said that the T&T Spirit which is supposed to take over the passenger ferry route, should be ready by tomorrow, as the agreement with Caribbean Airlines was stipulated till the 22nd of this month.

The Spirit was expected to be in operation last week but the Port Authority said further testing needed to be done.