Saudi ban on women drivers ends on Sunday

Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive from Sunday (June 24), ending the world's only ban on female motorists.

Overturning the decades-long ban is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's reform drive to modernise the conservative petrostate.

Potentially thousands of female drivers are set to take the wheel on Sunday, a long-awaited rite of passage for women in the kingdom that many say could usher in a new era of social mobility.

PNM Women's League takes a turn at UNC Women's League on Darryl Smith issue

The PNM Women's League has accused the UNC Women's League of hypocrisy over its stance on the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Darryl Smith as a Cabinet minister.

The PNM women say the UNC women need to "recall the many unscrupulous failings during their tenure as well as their inability to govern".

The following is a statement issued on Wednesday by the PNM's Women's League.

"Hypocrisy is the mother of all evil and once again the People’s National Movement Women’s League must caution the women of the UNC to examine the log in their party’s eye.